No Worries.

You do not have to worry about having the right tools to fertilize your yard, we have what you need when you need it.

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Do More.

Our professionals will help when your yard requires more work like aerating and mulching of the lawn, winterizing, applying fertilizers, and protecting your plants with proper care.

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Get Results.

We are committed to offer satisfactory results. Each lawn is unique, and we guarantee that we do our best, no matter how challenging your lawn may be.

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Client Testimonials

Our HOA has been using Jim Johnson Lawn Care since 2010. Jim set up an application program of fertilizer, crabgrass and broadleaf control beginning in early spring and ending in late fall. With the timely applications and great results, our Association is very pleased with Jim. Johnson Lawn Care's services and plan on using their services on a continuing basis.

- BW Grounds Chairperson

We feel our lawn looks better since we switched to Jim Johnson Lawn Care!

- Aaron K.

WOW! Our lawn looks so much better after one spray. I was surprised!

- Chris W

You do good,good work. Everyone compliments me on my lawn. I am so proud. Thank you.

- Donna S.

Get the lawn care you deserve: 217.496.2054

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